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Katerina is more then a yoga teacher. She IS Yoga! It’s amazing the intuition she has to feel what people in each class actually need! She isn’t stuck by any specific pattern of movements or a “schedule”, but rather feels the energy in the room at the present moment and creates what people really need. That’s a whole other level of yoga! There are no words really to describe the magic and transformation that she helps to create. Katerina heals people and with her soul and energy she helps people to come in contact with their soul. I’m so grateful and honored for being able to practice with her. She truly shines her light and helps others to do the same!

- Julia. W

A yoga class with Katerina is warm, intense if you want to, aware, flowing and creative. I have much enjoyed coming to the class for a few years, and it has done wonders for my back, general health and given me feelings of joy and balance. Like everything, we differ in how we perceive and need, and finding a class that fits your own personality is not always easy. Katerina finds a great balance between familiarity, exploration and discovery.

She approaches each class with great energy and transmits a warm feeling of curiosity and calm enthusiasm or engagement. I find her great timing & delivery of instructions enable this sense of creativity and discovery: What makes her a great facilitator and instructor is the sense of creativity that enters as she puts effort into adapting each class to who is there, and what is going on for the people in place at that moment. As always, you come to recognize and enjoy some flows of poses, but with her class you also look forward to the element of surprise.

Since the covid situation this year, I am working from home and never come to the city. Things have changed so much. I practice in the morning, but miss her class.

Oh, and one more thing: I really appreciated how Katerina remains humble. There is communication, awareness and meeting/connection - devoid of any preachiness or any inaccessible spirituality. I personally feel it can often creates distance, not so in her class. There is a deep feeling of awareness when it comes to spirituality, and connecting within - but Katerina is always focused on the individuals gathered.

She guides from amongst the people gathered, with respect for the human experience each brings. As a second phase after rehab of an intense backproblem, I started swimming & once again took yoga classes - after a ten year "break". I tried many different classes, trying to find a fit for my personality and weekly schedule, and found Katerinas lunch class on Thursdays - which she was giving at the time - to fit my work schedule. I remember after the first time I was there, a guy in the locker room said "I am picky with my classes, but this one I prioritize, she is good." And he was right.

- Marcus  W.

Katerina is an amazing yoga teacher. She really takes care of her students, asking if we have any request or specific needs. You leave the class strong but completely relaxed. She has the skill, knowledge and spirituality. You really have to experience her classes to understand. She is Yoga and one of a kind.


- Jörgen L.

Katerina has a gentle and compassionate approach to her Reiki Therapy. She is deeply knowledgable in her craft, and I would recommend her services to anyone wishing to experience a deep sense of relaxation. Thank you!

- Asher G.

Kat is a great student and teacher of yoga, with a deep understanding and interest of the spiritual aspect of it. In Kat's class, the emphasis is on the breath and how the mind works in connection with the body. The most important aspect of a good yoga teacher is a true desire to help you as a student, you really feel that with Katerina, she is clearly passionate about sharing yoga with everyone and has often stayed late to answer any questions I might have.

- Kalle L.

Katerina is always well prepared and u can follow her in the asanas with complete trust. Her timing is perfect and so there is a great flow throughout the class. Whether it’s Yin, Vinyasa or another discipline she instructs with strong presence and knowledge. Yoga for real!

- Anette P.

I have made many attempts over the years to practice yoga on a regular basis, but I never got into it. Katerina is the first teacher that made me want to do it and learn more about yoga and most important, myself. Because of her attentiveness for her students, I have now practiced yoga regularly and even fallen in love with it.

- Sheena P.

When you have finished a yoga class taught by Katerina, your body is flexible and alert and your mind is at ease. You are a bit high on new energy and you have learnt something about yoga. And about yourself.

- Karen S.

Kan inte tänka mig en bättre yogalärare än Katerina. Lugn,ödmjuk,väldigt hjälpsam och oerhört pedagogisk. 

- Emma H.

Jag fick äran att uppleva en fantastisk Reiki session av Katerina.
Med hennes helande händer blev jag djupt avslappnad och kunde känna hur värme och energi flöda i hela min kropp. Efteråt kände jag mig fylld av härlig och kärleksfull energi. Katerina är ömsint, förstående och har en visdom som fler borde ta del av. Tacksam för det fina mötet

       - Martinette S.

Katerina is a very knowledgeable and creative yoga teacher, always open for new ideas and suggestions from her students, designing the classes around their wants and needs. I am looking forward to attend many more of her future Vinyasa Yoga classes.

- Nick H.

Yoga Malmö Katerina Johansson Yoga Kendra Nordic Wellness Pilates Malmö Yoga private classes Malmö meditation Malmö